VN Drafting Services

Research and development of engineering products.

Search for technical sources of information for the latest developments in the field. Find suitable sources of information. Analyse existing equipment and find optimum solutions.

Design of a new product and re-design of existing products.

Design new products and re-design existing products for better performance, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

Stress analysis on mechanical components.

Carefully analyse and accurately estimate the acting forces. Find critical locations on parts. Evaluate stress concentrations. Perform a proper and reliable fatigue analysis on dynamically loaded components.

CAD/CAM solid modeling.

Build 3D CAD/CAM solid models for parts and assemblies as these are very useful for testing functionality of the various parts. Also, they are more accurate in the analysis of localized stresses using FEA. Solid models can be checked for design mistakes, interferense, kinematic functionality, problem free assembling, and fabrication using CNC machines.

Mechanical drafting using GD&T, CSA/ASME, CWB/AWS standards.

Produce quality drawings with compliance of CSA/ASME and ISO standards. Accurate selection, calculation of fits, limits, and GD&T can also be provided.


Conduct physical measurements of the part using calipers, micrometers, or dial indicators.  Alternatively, existing parts can be QC versus existing drawings.

Material and manufacturing analysis and selection.

Select suitable materials based on application requirements, performance, weight limitations, metallurgical requirements, and strength.

Cost effective solutions.

Find cost effective solutions for an optimum manufacturing process based on the required production rate and existing throughput time.

Production planning.

Plan manufacturing operations starting from the raw material to final shipping. Develop documentation for the entire process – production plan, process sheet, and welding procedure data sheet.

Onsite inspection.

If requested, an onsite inspection can be carried out in order to do one or more of the following: product testing, a verification of existing documentation, and an inspection of equipment.